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Bespoke Team Building

Our clients can choose from a suite of workshops and fun activities to create a bespoke team-building training day(s). Clients will work with one of Xeed’s team-building specialists to tailor-make workshops to fit their own and their employee’s specific needs and requirements. From short afternoons to week-long adventures, we have hundreds of options available for you.

Key Benefits

  • Better communication and collaboration to achieve a common goal
  • Improve morale, energy, and motivation
  • Improve relationships and confidence, building stronger bonds
  • Learn to meet defined user and customer needs within a given deadline
  • Improve safety and financial awareness in managing team projects 
  • Support Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  • More effective working practices and workplace happiness
  • Build a strong organizational culture and improve job satisfaction
  • Increase mutual trust, a vital ingredient for any group of people working together
  • Increase creativity and productivity individually and collectively
  • Improve mental and physical health
  • Identify employee strengths and leadership abilities

Next Steps

  • Choose between half-day sessions all the way to week-long adventures
  • We cover land activities, water activities, art activities, bespoke indoor and outdoor workshop activities, and training sessions
  • Book consultation with our Team Building Specialist, who will tailor-make a bespoke plan based on your requirements and budget