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Company Overview

Xeed Global has extensive experience in delivering employability skills and career development training globally, alongside our international partners who collectively share over 200 years of professional experience. We at Xeed focus on our expertise and specialize in employability and careers only, offering online, classroom-based and bespoke employability and careers solutions.

Xeed Global has combined its expertise with NCFE which is a leading provider of educational services and TSN which is a leading provider of online training solutions, and qualifications in order to deliver exceptional classroom-based and online Employability Training solutions. Xeed also has one-to-one employability training and careers coaching, team building workshops, and a suite of practical solutions that are found in our CV and Resume Writing Services, in order to fully equip any learner or client to get them ready and on the road to success.

We are driven by values

Xeed Global prides itself on its values of delivering quality, care and working together. Dedicated to helping everyone realize the life and career they strive for. These values ensure that we at Xeed Global prioritize the well-being of our clients and learners and above all, invest all our energy into ensuring we are delivering the very best in careers development and bespoke solutions. Our Vision is to ensure every learner has the opportunity to undertake our employability programme, helping them reach their full potential within their career.

Learner Centric

The learner journey is at the core of everything we deliver. We only offer the very best in quality skills training based not only on our beliefs but worldwide scientific research.

Deeply Committed

Committed to delivering only the best to every learner and client we work with. Xeed ensures incredible quality, integrity, and dedication to help prepare individuals for the workplace.

Highly Skilled

We do what we are good at! Focused Employability & Careers Development. Equipped with the very best knowledge and experts from around the world to deliver impeccable coaching and training. 

John Heydon

Being ready for the workplace is extremely important if you want to succeed in your chosen career. Whether you are looking for work experience whilst at university, a full-time role, or want to progress within your existing career, there are things you can do in preparation to make the transition easier. The importance of preparation should not be underestimated; Athletes do it, airline pilots do it, and musicians do it. Successful people do it! 

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, the ongoing use of modern smart technology affects the need for human intervention, skills relied on in the past will no longer be the skills that are required in the future. This is the challenge that will be faced by the new generation and generations to come. 

Employability skills have always been crucial when it comes to succeeding in your chosen career, Covid 19 fortified the absolute need to be prepared in an ever-evolving and competitive world, reinforcing my belief that in the new world of work, security lies not in employment but in employability.

John Heydon – CEO